Nicole Grotepas

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Feed 1 Nicole Grotepas

Seven years after the nanocameras switched on and the feeds began, nanoengineer Samuel Ramone becomes the subject of an addictive reality feed. As his heart sinks further into the crush he's been nursing, his popularity rises. He is a married man, after all. When it comes to the new world of the feeds, Enforcers are nothing but a rumor. But the Editors . . . they're real. With every human monitored endlessly, Ramone hasn't had anything to fear in a long time, except seeing himself in a feed. Or worse, seeing his wife in one. With another man. That's why he's never looked. If you can't see something, it's not there. If you enjoy 1984, Black Mirror, and other dystopians about surveillance, Feed 1 is right for you.



The Coldest Heart Nicole Grotepas

On the edge of space, a group of pioneers work to keep the human race preserved far beyond the frailty of biological life. But something left behind on Earth draws one woman back into the inner planets. "The Coldest Heart" contrasts the chilling indifference of nature and the brutality of the vast universe with the warmth of human relationships. Is any distance is too far to go, when something keeps the furnaces of the heart burning?