Ajdin K. Denic

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Maelstrom - A new beginning Ajdin K. Denic

Getting fired and being at the wrong time at the wrong place was just the start. When you add a fallen Angel into the mix and her vengeful father, a God, you are screwed. Kaden's life turns from bad to infinitely worse after Lobos, a God and the father of Laney, the fallen angel with whom Kaden just slept with, first kills Kaden, then gives him a mercy call. The offer is simple: you get to live anew in a world created purely for Lobos' enjoyment. Surviving another day is all that matters. The bad thing: everything wants to kill him, the good thing: he isn't alone as Laney gets banished as well. An unexpected encounter with a king from another plane of existence turns things upside down as they get the chance for revenge. Trust him and maybe live another day, or live by God's rule and