Florella Grant


Hi, I'm Florella Grant. I write contemporary romance and women's fiction. I'll be publishing my first book in January of 2018, and hopefully several more in the same year. Please follow me on Facebook or Twitter for news and special events. My website is currently under construction.

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Love At 320 Sycamore Florella Grant

Izzy Gallo has deep secrets she never told her family. Drew Walker is one of them! Five years have passed since he broke her heart. Izzy has returned to her hometown and has landed a solid career in real estate. The only trouble she has is avoiding her aunt, and answering the "Are you still single?" questions that haunt her. Until, she sees him again. Drew is searching for a new home, and won't accept Izzy's rejection to help him. Izzy can't believe she is stuck working side by side with the man who shattered her entire world. Can she find him a home before her heart explodes? Love At 320 Sycamore is a second chance romance novelette. It's a quick read for anyone who believes in true love.