Troy A. Hill


“Turn off that light and go to sleep,” my mother often yelled. I was one of those kids who stayed up late, hiding under the covers reading in bed. Occasionally, the books were comics. Usually, they were the adventures of Frank and Joe Hardy, or Jupiter Jones and his fellow investigators working under Alfred Hitchcock. Sometimes Nancy Drew even made an appearance.

Eventually, I discovered the other worlds of Tolkien and Terry Brooks, Piers Anthony and E.E. Doc Smith. The future histories of Robert A. Heinlein were my favorites, and I longed for more fantasy in amongst the science fiction. The few series that were developing (Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever) were ok, but we needed more. I knew I would write better ones someday.

I have discovered plenty of fantasy favorites. David Edding’s Belgariad series is among my all-time favorites. The urban fantasies of Laurell K. Hamilton and Kim Harris brought a new genre to light for me. I’ve finally gotten around to cracking open George R.R. Martin’s epic series as well.

Eventually, I went away to college. I had given up my dreams of writing after only two rejection letters from the pulp magazines of the earlier 1980s. Two degrees and too many dollars later, past the age of fifty, I decided to give writing another try. Thus, the Cup of Blood and Penllyn Chronicles series were born.

My wife and I live now in smoggy Los Angeles California. On good days, I and Loko Kitty sit outside on the veranda (which is very unlike the veranda in my promo photo above) and write. Well, I write or edit. Loko Kitty is in charge of tail-twitching, and meeowping at the hummingbirds that come to our feeder.

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Penllyn Troy A. Hill

The first in a new Dark Fantasy series. He marries for duty, not for love. But can he avoid war? Bleddyn must marry soon, but knows he will not marry for love. His duty is to Penllyn. Someday he will take his father’s place as Lord of the cantref, and his bride will be Lady Penllyn. He hopes she loves the land as much as he. But, political alliances may doom that desire. An unexpected thunderstorm, an old crone, and dreams of a game against a long-dead Arthur lead the young lord and his brother to aid a Lady in distress and turn away from meeting with his anticipated bride. Will his choice lead his family and his people to war?