Desiree Cox

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Unselfish Love Desiree Cox

They had the perfect storybook love. He was the perfect husband. Dillon’s love for his wife, Nadia, grew stronger every day. As they approached their sixth year of marriage, they still felt like they were honeymooners. He wanted nothing more than to make her happy every day of their lives. Nadia’s world revolved around her husband. She had friends, but Dillon was her best friend. Her passion and desire for Dillon was never-ending. Then the unthinkable happened. How was it fair for everything to have been so right and happy yesterday and so heartbreakingly wrong today?


Twisted By Desire Desiree Cox

Nikki believed her first husband, Sky, was her Prince Charming. They got married expecting to live their happily ever after, but the happiness dwindled right along with Sky’s desire to work. Their divorce may have legally terminated their union, but not the physical attraction and bond between them. Sky loved Nikki like no other. He was more than willing to take her back to keep their family together. The marriage may have ended, but his love remained never-ending. Then she met Jeff. He was hotter than an August day in Florida, and Nikki quickly found herself in the middle of a very steamy love triangle. Jeff could offer her everything she always thought she wanted. But could she walk away from Sky? Could she ever give her heart to Jeff?