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My name is Teresa Arrowood. I decided to write my first book when my son and his wife married a few years ago. On a family vacation, I sat down in a Tennessee mountain cabin and wrote the first three chapters of what became Eye of the Storm. These books are meant not only for the enjoyment of others but to also make you think how precious life can be. I always wanted to write a story that would bring the reader into it and keep them there until they read the last page.

With the release of my first book, I hope to achieve that goal and bring along some new friends for the ride.

Fire Chaser was my first book. Each one of my books so far have dealt with the lives of first responders, and how they handle life in a nonstop adrenaline rush.

Fire Chaser is about a hotshot fireman nicknamed Dynamite who grew up with his best friend across the street. Nathan's parents seemed to be the perfect couple until their lives fell apart, leaving him with a runaway mother and an alcoholic father.

This is the first in the Everyday Heroes series, and I believe we see them every day. What makes me an expert?

I am a Critical Care Nurse in a small, rural hospital. I have been in the nursing field for over thirty years and have seen many strange and beautiful things. Like everything in life, with the good always comes the bad.

I am writing these books to help those who have been impacted by many aspects of difficulties and have come out stronger on the other side.

I intend to give you characters you can relate to and fall in love with them. Ones that will leave you laughing, crying, and cheering with everything in between.

I love what I do and want to share it with you.

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Fire Chaser Teresa Arrowood

Get ready to meet a smoking hot fireman and his childhood sweetheart in a bad boy romance. Nathan Becker grew up with an alcoholic, abusive father and a runaway mother. Not one to live a charmed life until he fell for the girl next door. Allison Hunter, didn’t have the best childhood herself living with a controlling father and watching her parents’ marriage fall apart. When she says yes to Nathan, all looks wonderful with a bright and shiny future until her father threatens the man she loves. In an attempt to protect him, she walks away just days before she was to be married. Seven years later, she returns to Baltimore to plan her wedding to a self-made millionaire Jack Dresden, who has an eye for other women. In a twist of fate Allison and Nathan meet again and things heat up. You won’t