L.V. Pires


L.V. Pires is the author of several stories for young readers, including EXTENSION, THE PORTRAIT, and SUMMER OF WINGED CREATURES. She is the recipient of the Eileen Spinelli Award and a graduate of Spalding University’s MFA program in Writing for Children and Young Adults.

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The Barnacle Chronicles: The Search for Dark Matter L.V. Pires

Simon Barnacle is falling apart. Literally. As his body slowly turns to ash and the world around him crumbles, Simon discovers his worst fears in the form of the Dark Lord Balterax who has escaped from an underground prison, deep within the core of the Marshlands. Only Simon holds the key to destroying Balterax, but with his body slowly disintegrating and his mind turning towards the dark with each passing minute, will he have the strength to retrieve dark matter and save his world?


Extension L.V. Pires

After dying on the basketball court, seventeen-year-old, Oliver Conroy is put into a deep cryogenic sleep. In 2032, he wakes, brought back from the dead after eighteen years, with a soul that was not his to keep. Now he needs to find the strength to live out his second chance at life, reunite the missing pieces of his scattered family, and make it through high school, while avoiding the roaming psychopaths who just want their souls back.


A Pain Less Ordinary L.V. Pires

Becca's life is anything but ordinary. At fifteen, she's already experienced her share of pain. With a mom who drinks too much, a revolving door of father figures, and struggles at school, Becca wonders if she'll ever have a chance at a normal life. The only thing that keeps her sane is her little sister, Chloe; that is until her mother's breakdown leads to her sister's disappearance. A PAIN LESS ORDINARY follows Becca as she figures out life on her own while searching for her family and her new role in the world. In this powerfully moving novel, L.V. Pires explores Becca's struggle with abandonment, drug abuse, homelessness, relationships, and how pain connects her to others.