Debbie Manber Kupfer

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Alistair Debbie Manber Kupfer

“Maybe I am,” said Alistair, “But there are monsters worse than me in this world. You are lucky, Joshua; lucky you have me to protect you. I was not so fortunate.” Alistair took a long breath in and exhaled slowly, “neither was my mother....” Alistair, an aged, yet youthful-looking werewolf has taken new werewolf, Josh, under his wing. One night, he tells Josh of his cruel, homicidal father who had killed Alistair’s mother and siblings (as he watched) for fun. During Alistair’s first full moon, so many years ago, he’d needed to seal his fate with a worthy kill. He knew who that had to be. A tale from Debbie Manber Kupfer from the world of P.A.W.S.