Megyn Ward


Megyn lives on coffee, chocolate and more than the occasional glass of red wine. When she's not busy playing with the people who live inside her head, she'a raising her 4 children under the relentless Arizona sun and praying for a rainy day.

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Pushing Patrick Megyn Ward

I kissed Patrick the night we met and he couldn’t have made it clearer—he isn’t into me. Not like that. He’s funny, sweet and holy-shit-hot—entirely too good for a girl like me. He’s perfect and I’m... not.  So, we’re friends.  Just friends. It’s my friend, Tess, who points out that Patrick may be perfect, but he’s still a man. That if I push hard enough, I can make him want me.  I know she’s wrong because I’ve been shot down by Patrick before and I have no desire to subject myself to it again... but what if she’s right?  What if all Patrick needs is a little push?