Christina DeMara

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Early Life Leadership in the Classroom Christina DeMara

Early Life Leadership in the Classroom is completion of resources, tidbits, and strategies to grow great leaders in a classroom or homeschool setting. Early Life Leadership in the Classroom is the sister of Early Life Leadership: 101 Strategies to Grow Great Leaders, and was developed after numerous emails to provide teachers with examples and ideas to use in the classroom. We all can look back at our lives and still remember the people who loved us and taught us valuable life lessons. Research says children look up to the adults in their lives, not celebrities. This book is a great tool to help you plant seeds of success in your students! 


I'm Not Broken Christina DeMara

Are you ready for a breakthrough? Are you ready to go from hopeless to seeing the horizon of change in your life? There are many things in life that break us or hold us hostage. What do you do when you feel broken and discouraged? Or when you find yourself unable to let go of the past? God wants us to come to Him. We each have cracks and brokenness from life that only He can heal. Christina’s creative and beautiful book gives you a way of seeing brokenness the way God sees it! And God sees us each of us as his masterpiece! Let Christina's book help you heal your brokenness! Through this interactive book you will move from hollow to heaven, from broken to healed, from the dark to the light.