N.S. Johnson

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Keeping It Up with the Joneses N.S. Johnson

Have you ever wondered why the grass is greener at the Joneses’ house? It’s because Mrs. Jones tips the gardeners with her cookies. The mail is never late or damaged because the delivery guy gets to slip his package right into her slot. Mr. Jones is the breadwinner and he often brings work home to spend the night. Everyone on the street is clamoring to get invited to their dinner parties where fresh meat is spread-eagle for all to share. Get a preview of the Joneses’ shenanigans with these two short stories. Watch Mrs. Jones break in the new delivery guy as she gets him to help her test out some *special* packages. And witness Mr. Jones help his coworker get a leg up on their boss from beneath her desk. If you’re curious, come knock on their door. The Joneses’ are waiting for you.