Robert I. Katz

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The Cannibal's Feast Preview Robert I. Katz

A science fiction adventure with a cast of larger-than-life characters and the stars as background. Matthew Braden, a young man from a run-down habitat in Earth orbit is determined to succeed. Assigned to Cygnus, the Security Division of the Biotek-Itachi Gesselschaft, Matthew’s mind and body have been modified with enhanced senses and increased physical abilities. Sent on a secret mission to make contact and establish trade with an advanced alien species, Matthew’s ship is destroyed by the forces of the Hyperion-Narita Combine, Biotek’s principal corporate adversary. Now condemned to labor in a slave camp on an unregistered planet, Matthew finds his new abilities stretched to the limit, as he struggles to do what he does best: survive...and come out on top.


Adam Robert I. Katz

Fischer is a good, careful scientist, so when he uses a tailored retrovirus to transfer the FoxP2 gene, sometimes called the "language gene" into a mouse named Adam, he is eager to explore the results. But more is going on in Adam's little world than Fischer knows or expects and the results of his experiment may not be anything that Fischer wants to live with.


Something in the Blood Robert I. Katz

From award winning writer Robert I. Katz, Something in the Blood is a short story about an early episode in the life of surgeon Richard Kurtz, the principal protagonist of the Kurtz and Barent mystery series. With less than a year to go before graduation, surgical resident Richard Kurtz decides to spend his summer on an elective rotation at a small hospital in Arkansas. The place seems peaceful enough but when a kid named Ben Saunders comes into the ER with a broken wrist, Kurtz cannot resist getting drawn into a family tragedy that spans two generations.