Chris Weston

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The Dragon's Tear Chris Weston

Tyyr is a member of Valsair’s secret police. As part of the House of Ravens, she is the first to gather information for her king. She’s a killer, a spy; efficient and self-reliant. Rumors of a dissenting lord passes through the Houses, and Tyyr is sent to investigate. The heart of the matter is a mysterious jewel known as the Dragon’s Tear. Tyyr must take the gem back to the capital, but the escape becomes a game of cat-and-mouse when the new owners want their possession to remain a secret. Half the kingdom is all that separates Tyyr from survival. In the cross country trek, Tyyr’s greatest enemy is her own doubt; that this time she doesn’t have what it takes to hold herself together.


Led Astray Chris Weston

Alana and Karlyn Wildstar are two bounty hunters always ready to take a job. Young women are disappearing from their homes when a mysterious bard arrives at the village. A grief-stricken father hires the sisters to track the missing girls and rescue his daughter. The sisters take the assignment, but are not prepared for what they find. Trickery, lies, and illusions surround the case, hiding the true threat. There is a hunger waiting beneath the ground for the Wildstar sisters, and they must discover it before they are swallowed whole.