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The Seed of Intelligence: Boost Your Baby’s Developing Brain through Optimal Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle Chong Chen

Do you want to give your child the best possible start in life? Do you want to do it in a completely natural way, even before they take their first breath? Your child’s brain is developing long before they make their entrance into the world and it is just as important to help it to grow at this stage of life as it is in any other. With his latest book on child development - The Seed of Intelligence – Dr Chong Chen explores the needs your unborn child has and how you can provide them, through: - How to sow the seeds of intelligence - Maintaining a healthy diet and getting adequate nutrition - Weight gain during pregnancy - Nutritional supplements - Avoiding toxic chemicals and environmental risks - Working and physical activity - Getting proper sleep - And lots more…


The Wonder of Prenatal Education Chong Chen

Are you pregnant or thinking about starting a family? Do you want the best start possible for your baby, even before you give birth? Dr Chong Chen delivers more insights into how to give your child the best start in life in this latest edition of his series, Your Baby’s Developing Brain. In this latest installment, The Wonder of Prenatal Education: Why You Should Listen to Mozart and Sing to Your Baby While Pregnant, you will learn some incredible things about your unborn child, such as: - When the fetus can hear - How the fetus can learn stories and rhymes - How you can educate your unborn baby - What sort of music you should listen to - Singing to your baby - Talking and reading - And more…


Psychology for Pregnancy: How Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Programs Your Baby’s Developing Brain Chong Chen

Are you pregnant or planning a pregnancy in the near future? Do you want to make sure that your mental health won’t have a negative impact on your baby’s developing brain? It is a certainty that your mental health can influence the way your developing baby’s brain is programmed while it is still in the womb. It can be a worrying thought, but there are ways that you can make sure that you reduce the risks. In Psychology for Pregnancy: How Your Mental Health During Pregnancy Programs Your Baby’s Developing Brain, Dr Chong Chen, examines way for you to eliminate many of the risks, looking at things like: The fundamental principles of parenting Stress Pregnancy blues Paternal psychological health and why it matters too Managing emotions Partner support And much more…


Fitness Powered Brains: Optimize Your Productivity, Leadership And Performance Chong Chen

The world of business is changing. Productivity and effective leadership are precious commodities. The right strategies for achieving optimal performance are essential. In this new bestseller, neuroscientist presents groundbreaking findings: fitness training increases the number of neurons in our brains; boosts brain efficiency; improves productivity; reduces stress; and more…