Bernadette Walsh

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Friends Forever Bernadette Walsh

Sometimes your best friend can be your worst enemy. Successful attorney Molly Reid thought she had put the past behind her. But when the body of her flaky but lovable college roommate, Sarah, is found abandoned in a field, Molly is drawn back into the tangled incestuous world of Devereaux College. At Sarah's wake, Sarah's mother forces Molly to take Sarah's rehab journals. Sarah's journals become for Molly a Pandora's Box of secrets. Will Sarah's secrets topple Molly's carefully constructed facade?


The Devlin Witch--Book One Bernadette Walsh

The Devlin magic can bring your heart's desire - but at what cost? Mary Devlin accepted her fate years ago, to serve Slanaitheoir, the powerful demon who saved her ancestors from the Irish famine. Like generations of Devlin witches before her, the hauntingly beautiful woman submitted to his every caress, his every humiliation. But when his lordship threatened her family, Mary broke the agreement with the vengeful demon and now Mary and her progeny must pay the price. Mary will try and best the demon in a battle of wills and magic. But the seductive demon can satisfy a witch as no human lover can. Mary must decide -- when part of her still yearns for his touch and love, can she fight him and win?


Devil's Shore Bernadette Walsh

Book Two of the Devlin Legacy series