LC Champlin

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Behold Darkness - First 9 Chapters LC Champlin

Terrorists in San Francisco unleash a plague that turns people into violent cannibals. Can two antiheroes outwit the attack's mastermind? --------------------- Never let a crisis go to waste. Carpe jugulum. A trip to San Francisco lands ambitious New York businessman Nathan Serebus, and his attorney Albin Conrad in the middle of a multiple-target terrorist attack. But the bombings are a cover for the true weapon: a contagion that transforms people into violent, unthinking cannibals. Nathan and his friends fight like wolves to survive—and not only against cannibals. But just when they believe they've escaped, the terrorist mastermind Cheel—whose goals may be closer to Nathan’s than he’d like to believe—takes them hostage. Can they outwit Cheel and stop his plot to control the cannibals?