Jason A. Anderson

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SoulChaser: Earthbound Jason A. Anderson

On uncounted worlds throughout the galaxies, humans live and die; but death is not the end. In the Afterlife, the souls of those who have passed beyond exist in contentment for eternity. But there are those in the Abyss that, if their rage and desperation gain enough strength, can break free and return to Mortality. When this happens, SoulChasers are sent to track the rogue soul down and return him or her to the Afterlife. In the town of Shadow Valley, SoulChaser Kiah has arrived to return his nemesis, Masaal, back to the Abyss. But Kiah has an ulterior motive: to find and rescue his wife, Kenah, missing since a retrieval twenty years ago. To achieve both goals, he will enlist the help of the staff of Nightmare Manor and pull them along on a journey bathed in blood.


Starriders #1: Dragon Fire Jason A. Anderson

Dragon Fire The hot new designer narcotic flooding the West Coast. It promises to take its user to the height of ecstasy, but leaves the abuser dead in a pool of their own blood. The Golden Dragon The enigmatic man who developed Dragon Fire. Powerful, cunning, relentless, brutal, unforgiving. For years he has remained elusive and untouched by numerous bodies of law enforcement. Until now... A handful of strong young men are about to unintentionally throw in their gauntlet and wage battle against this deadly foe. With the help of their enigmatic mentor, Nick James, and an overly-rambunctious A.I., they'll lay everything on the line to put an end to the Golden Dragon's reign of Fire. More of them may die before it's all over.