Maya Starling

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Dragon's Treasure Maya Starling

“She was the girl who longed for the freedom of the dragon, and he was the dragon who longed to be a man.” Olivia flees to the forest seeking freedom from her family’s demands. She finds refuge in a cave, only to discover it's a dragon’s lair. The dragon is not the monster she first thinks him to be. After overcoming her initial fright, Olivia discovers that the dragon has a gentle heart. Kaden, the dragon, is resigned to loneliness after centuries of wandering the lands. Meeting Olivia brings joy to his solitary life, and never has he dreamed that a young woman would be the one to change his destiny. A prince on a quest to slay the dragon, will do whatever it takes to have what he believes is his to own. And now, he has his eyes set on Olivia.