Rafe Mortensen

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Ardanna: The Fortress Above the Sun (Preview) Rafe Mortensen

Ardanna is a traveling swordswoman in search of a past that will define her future. When she is hired as a bodyguard by the renowned explorer, Nestor of Nikias, she embarks on a journey to discover the lost citadel of Solizhade - the legendary Fortress Above the Sun. But Nestor is being relentlessly hunted by a pair of sorcerous twins who also seek the stronghold, coveting the power and secrets within its demesnes. Now, allied with the explorer and the knifemaster, Tavin Sael, Ardanna must reach the fortress before the sun can be twisted to darkness by the twins who will stop at nothing to discover the place thought by most to merely exist in bedtime lore recounted to children.