Erik Carter

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The Preston Emerald Erik Carter

Barnaby Wilcox is out of his element. He accepts an invitation to an evening at a mansion of all places. Still, it’s a free meal and a chance to forget his problems for one night. Could be fun. But when a priceless gem disappears and his fellow guests start dying off, Barnaby knows this isn't going to be the relaxing trip he'd envisioned. As the body count grows and a violent storm traps everyone in the mansion, Barnaby must maintain his own sanity to pacify a group of people who are rapidly succumbing to paranoia and fear—if he, or any of the other guests, is going to make it through the night alive.


Stone Groove (Dale Conley Thrillers Book 1) Erik Carter

An empty crime scene. A blood-spattered stone. And a 400-year-old mystery. Special Agent Dale Conley specializes in the unusual, and he's seen it all. Except for this. An entire community vanishes overnight—just like the fabled Lost Colony of Roanoke. The only clue is a single word chiseled into a blood-spattered stone. As Dale discovers more stones with cryptic messages, he’s faced with a series of riddles related to the Roanoke disaster. Riddles that he must solve—or the hostages are killed. Dale soon realizes that the kidnapper knows the details of his past. Including his dark secrets. Now, as he races to find the stones, Dale must come head-on with his own demons to have a chance at saving the lives of the missing people.


The Clements Kettle Erik Carter

Barnaby Wilcox is one low-down, rotten scoundrel—perfect credentials for the Wild West’s best private eye. His current case: tracking down a kettle. That’s right, a kettle. Times are tough. He’ll take what he can get. Besides, the kettle in question is a ransom item. Kidnapping cases are always fun. Rumor has it the kettle is cursed. Everyone who touches it ends up in a pine box. But the kettle puts a different kind of curse on Barnaby. It was once owned by slaves, and Barnaby has been doing his best for the last twenty years to drink away memories of the black soldiers who died needlessly under his command during the Civil War. But he can’t delay forever. He has to put away the bottles and the past. The kidnappers are getting impatient. And more people are turning up dead.