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Demon Child Kat Cotton



Sex Demon Kat Cotton

“You deal in the… umm… paranormal…” He said “paranormal” like it was a dirty word. Like he was asking for the jerkoff booth at a $2 peep show. I hated that shit and normally factored having to deal with it into my final bill. I nodded. “It’s my wife…” Okay, incubus. Had to be. As soon as they started with “it’s my wife”, you could pretty much bank on it being an incubus. Luckily for him, I was the top incubus fighter in the business. And luckily for me, these Joes, they paid a fortune to get rid of them. This looked like a regular case at first but the pesky Hungarian sex demon ended up being wilier than I first thought. It will take all my ingenuity to zap this bozo.