Olivia Hampshire


Olivia Hampshire has written erotic, love stories her entire life. She and her partner live in a wonderful country house in the mountains of Vermont. They enjoy long hikes through the mountains in winter and summer and camping with their 5 children on Vermont's many lakes. Of course, the trips to Manhattan for plays, shopping and mental stimulation cannot be beat.

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Coming Out, The Model and the Pro Olivia Hampshire

Roy "Long John" Hill was a winning quarterback for the Dallas Rope Riders and was Super Bowl bound. He had been dating his partner, international super model Richard Miller for 9 years. He decided that after her won this Super Bowl, he would announce to the world that the two would finally marry. The news did not sit well with one long term, billionaire Texas US Senator, Senator Guthry Trent. The senator decided that this would not be good for the youth of Texas. A small group of gay men in CIA Black Ops #85 prison in Greece have to step in to make things right. "Got to love that Texas State. Wow, this is the first time I have read an Olivia Hampshire book and I got to say that I laughed out loud so many times. Olivia knows about some payback too. You go girl. I am a gay guy, but wit


Love Stones, Saving The Billionaire Olivia Hampshire

Debbie Brown was a school girl growing up in Springfield, Massachusetts. She knew that she wanted to do big, big things one day. That's the way her father brought her up with all of his support, that is how she became the first, nonpublic, Navy Seal. ( that's Top Secret ). Harriet Rothchild grew up on the other side of the country in liberal, pot smoking San Francisco. Her father was a successful, rich, immigrant businessman and he taught Harriet how to make money. Big money. Harriet didn't know it was possible, but she fell in love with the woman of her dreams. This woman was a smart, Texas hard, business adventurer and she and Harriet were headed to the stars, until...... The sky fell down. This is how Brown, Debbie Brown and Harriet came together. And, watch out. They both k


How Can I Make You Come Olivia Hampshire

When Tamara gets dumped by her fiance, she has to face up to a side of herself she's been trying to repress for years. And the best way to do that? Escape to a luxury European paradise full of women ready to indulge her secret passions. When she meets Madeleine, a gorgeous woman of the world who seems to take an instant liking to her, she's nervous - but soon, her lesbian love interest introduces her to a world that she's only ever fantasized about, until now...


American Living Large in Mexico: Making Money, Saving Money, Having Fun Olivia Hampshire

"I read Bill the Geek´s book and it got me all pumped up. My girlfriend read it too. We did our internet research and actually called some Americans that were already living in Puerto Vallarta. They had friends with a place for rent right on the ocean. We were doing web design in San Francisco and we were paying $2,200 amount for a 1 bedroom apartment downtown. With Bill the Geek´s help, we found a 4 bedroom on the beach for $550.00 a month and we don´t need a car. With the excellent high speed internet, now we are living our dream and actually saving lots of money every month." Dennis and Sandy, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico "Thank you Bill the Geek. Living in Guadalajara is the bomb. I was living in Chicago and it get really cold there.


A to Z How to Grow Weed for Total Beginners Olivia Hampshire

Made At Home is Always Better Do you want to be in full control over where your weed grows? Maybe you are tired of dealing with that shady dealer or you are simply tired of paying for it. If you are here for the above reasons or any other one, then you are in the best place a stoner can be! Growing marijuana at home might seem complicated but the truth is that it's quite easy if you have the right information and attitude. Simply put, anyone who loves weed can grow weed! I mean, which stoner would not like to see this beautiful plant growing taller every morning when he or she wakes up? Personally, I decided to start growing cannabis for the heck of it, I got engaged to sweet Maryjane back in campus and it was only right that I should get married to her. That's why I have weed gr


The Very First Time Olivia Hampshire

Welcome to the The House of Nymphos where women get exactly what they want. Where they can walk around nude and no one says anything about it, where you can do what you want and there are no consequences unless you get caught and then the consequences that you face teach you a lesson. A place that only exists in one part of the world, where a woman's dreams come true no matter what they want as long as they have the money to pay for what they need. It's Jasmine's first time at the The House of Nymphos and meets an escort named Ginger. A woman that is willing to do anything Jasmine tells her to do. Anything. The magical night is something that neither one of them will forget. Jasmine is sweet and innocent, never going to a place where women were eager to please other women. A place that on


A Nasty Spanking, The House of Nymphos Olivia Hampshire

A new client has checked in at The House of Nymphos and she is eager to find an escort that she can control. She cannot wait to feel the way she had with her cellmates; the need for being in control is making her anxious. She knows if she can find an escort that would do anything she wanted, then it would fix her. It would fix her for a while at least. It all seems easy when she thinks she has found the perfect girl, but as she continues her fun and games, it's not so fun when the escort isn't willing to do as she says or please her the right way. That's when the client reveals a evil side of herself. She wants what she has paid for and it's not a wise choice to mess with her. A little rough sex never hurt anyone, has it?


A-Z Guide How to Make Bath Bombs: Easy Guide on Masterfully creating beautiful bath bombs Olivia Hampshire

Bath bombs are compact little balls that bubble and fizz when they're tossed into a tub full of water. As they bubble, they release the contents of the bath bomb into the tub, filling it with the vegetable oils, butters, salts and essential oils contained inside. They look like they're difficult to make, but once you get the hang of it, bath bombs are actually fairly easy to put together. That doesn't stop manufacturers from charging a premium for them, as they can cost a small fortune in the store, with some companies charging as much as $10 to $15 per bath bomb. When you make them at home, you can get the cost down to a buck or two per bath bomb. There are only 6 ingredients that go into making a basic bath bomb: Baking soda. Citric acid. Corn starch. Epsom salts. Vegetable oil.


Essential Oil Remedies for Total Beginner Olivia Hampshire

I want to thank and congratulate you for downloading this book « Healthy Essential Oils Guide For Skin Care, Hair Growth, Allergies, Weight Loss, Natural Cleaning: 47 NEW Essential Oils Recipes To Heal, Build And Improve Your Health For Beginner». If you're looking for balance, for beauty products based on plants and essential oils, if you long for a more serene and pure lifestyle, without turning your present habits and ways upside down, this little guide is for you. Circulatory problems, cellulite, flabby stomach, constipation, toxin elimination, stimulants or draining products, beauty masks... This straightforward and practical guide contains my little recipes, all tested by me. . All my friends agree: these recipes are effective, pleasant and economical.


Priceless! Paying for Pleasure Olivia Hampshire

Hi there, I'm Olivia Hampshire. I write hot, steamy Swirl Romance novels, and this one, “Priceless! Paying for Pleasure,” kept me hot through the entire writing process, knowing that one of the main characters would end up in her dream room at the Swirl Resort, “The Mandingo Room.” This swirl, romantic adventure takes place at the Swirl Resort, located on the ocean in the wonderful city of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The Swirl Resort is owned by Christine, one of the most beautiful, curvy, well endowed blonds on the planet, and her partner of business and love, Jerome. Jerome is a big, handsome hunk of black man that has made hundreds of thousands of dollars getting paid by the most wealthy white women from all over the world to give them pleasure.


The the Beginning, Claudia and Grace Olivia Hampshire

Grace and Claudia are lovers and very good business women. They own a beautiful, resort hotel on the beach, 30 miles from Barcelona, Spain. The most beautiful women in the world go their to change their lives and enjoy themselves and others. Very strange things happen in this place. You won´t believe it. You will laugh, you will cry.


Just For Fun Olivia Hampshire

Grace and Claudia own a deluxe, lesbian, hotel resort on a nude beach, 30 from Barcelona Spain. For our description purposes, we will call it, “The Hotel of Romance.” It took years years for Grace and Claudia to find their own true lesbian sexuality. It came naturally. But then they were both introduced to affluent intelligent, beautiful, world traveled lesbians from all over the planet. They decided to create an environment where lesbian could come together to find themselves, find life and find love. The House of Romance is kind of like a way upscale, “Love Boat.” You never know who might show up on any given day. You never know what joy, or what baggage they may have. But, whatever day it is, it is an exciting day.



Pipe Dream Olivia Hampshire

It was all an accident. Christine, born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, an innocent, beautiful, talented, white young lady, ended up in Italy, studying classic piano. To save money, she lived with her aunt, and her aunt had a very lucrative business. Her aunt's business attracted beautiful wealthy white women from all over the world. They all wanted one thing. They wanted the pipe. Jerome, an extremely handsome young black man, was living in Indianapolis raising his mother's children, finishing his M.B.A. He was working his ass off to support his brothers and sisters. Then a senator's wife, his Spanish teacher, offered him money for his sexual talents. The pipe. Christine and Jerome? Something happens, and it's all about, “The Pipe Dream.”