Tiffany Apan

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Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1) Preview Tiffany Apan

Visions of infant twin boys, clouds, a young woman taking her own life, and a collision of space, time, and realms... On the eve of Summer Solstice in 1844, four men in different areas of the world share an experience that impacts not only their own lives, but those of the future generations. The Birthrite Series is an epic journey into the vast unknown, plunging deep into the dark crevices of the mind, begging the question of what sanity really is and if the insane truly are. Are we really shown the whole truth of what surrounds us or is it an illusion? It also tells of deep-rooted love, planted centuries ago and a story of family, forgiveness, and redemption. *This is a preview of the book and includes Parts 1, 2, and the first chapter from part 3.*


Made in Heaven: A Birthrite Series Short Tiffany Apan

In this short story/missing scene from Tiffany Apan's Descent (The Birthrite Series, #1), it has only been two and a half months since Reginald and Gail returned from that fateful night, a strange set of circumstances, and world they never thought could exist. For months, Reginald has been planning a marriage proposal, already having received the blessing of Gail's father and even bought a ring with money saved from his job at the five and dime. On Valentine's Day, he takes her to The Florentine, and while Gail is appreciative, she remains distant. An encounter with Father Louis of St. Gregory the Great Church also leaves a slight chill in the air. In spite of everything, Reginald hopes for a future with the girl he loves.