Sherry Foster

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Chasing Shadows Sherry Foster

Head strong and arrogant, Fire Walker Darian thinks he has all the information he and his future co-rulers need to start their journey to find the fourth and final co-ruler for their race. He could not be more wrong. Magically endowed to rule, able to sense their fourth, Darian, and his Ice Walkers Patro and Kane embark upon a quest to find the one who will become their Shadow Walker. The journey will take them to another country, to a race not their own. Will the decision to embark upon the journey early prove to be a mistake? When the emotional and mental immaturity of the three hot blooded Deyarian boys causes tempers to flare, will all three even return. Will they return in shame, or triumph, with their Shadow Walker in tow? A prequel to Myths and Legends


Myths and Legends Sherry Foster

Darian and his fellow leaders have been struggling to help rebuild from the devastating effects of events which struck the planet three years ago. Now, the scientists have delivered bad news. Somehow the leaders have to find a way to get everyone off the planet. Darian finds out that the sorcerers may have found a way to save the race. The biggest obstacle? Darian hates all sorcerers. Unfortunately, they appear to be the only ones with an answer. Tempers will flare—and hilarity ensues— after Darian finds out just how much the sorcerers have been hiding from him and the other leaders. Can Darian get past his hatred of the sorcerers to help?



Dragon Secrets Sherry Foster

Hiding from gods sometimes requires sacrifice. The Goddess Ariannia knows the only way to protect one of her creations is to put her to sleep. When the dragon Tresimiaset enters a goddess induced sleep she does not know how long she will have to sleep. What she does know is she is never called from her sleep until the Deyarians are in danger. What kind of danger will she awaken to and how will she deal with the new world she finds when she awakens?