Sheila Hollinghead

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Thunder Snow Sheila Hollinghead

In the Deep South of the Great Depression, fourteen-year-old Sarah Jane must learn to live with a mentally ill mother after a heart-breaking loss. Although enduring both emotional and physical abuse, Sarah Jane strives to rescue her four-year-old brother from a lifetime of pain. Sarah Jane's fearless faith sets her on a hope-filled path, one where the trials prepare her for the years ahead. This story is rich history ... a heartbreaking story of loss and the steps one takes to love. ~Moonlight Reviews In the Shadow of the Cedar series captures the past, revealing the hardships our parents and grandparents faced and overcame.


Robbie and Taron, Down to the River, Book 1 Sheila Hollinghead

The path down to the river may sweep her away ... to love or disaster, perhaps both. When Robeta Rutherford leads the horses to a nearby river, a mysterious cowboy appears. Is he there to help her family or to derail her plans forever? Robbie studies all of her life to become a doctor. To establish a medical practice, she travels west with her parents until illness and inclement weather force them to a stop. Robbie must survive the challenges, or her plans for the future will be dashed forever. When she walks down to the river, the mysterious cowboy changes her life ... in ways she could have never guessed. *Clean, wholesome, western historical romance.* Part western, part whodunit, part romance and all a refreshing take on the genre. Get your copy today!


Thunder's Shadow, In the Shadow of the Cedar, Interquel Sheila Hollinghead

Sarah Jane Hunter has a blissful life planned--to move back home, to the farm that holds precious memories and the promise of new life. The bombing of Pearl Harbor shatters her dreams. And yet with the men away at war a door has opened for her to become a country veterinarian. However, an unexpected pregnancy and deceitful family members challenge her determination and resiliency. In the Shadow of the Cedar shares the story of America's greatest generation. Their struggles and trials strengthened the legacy they left for future generations.