Blake Powell

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The Bulletproof Writer's Handbook: A Proven Guide to Conquer the Blank Page Forever Blake Powell

Picture this: You're sitting down to write, trying to get your daily practice in, but no matter what you do, the words WON'T COME. The cursor on your screen is almost taunting you, challenging you to write... But yet, no matter how hard you try to will the words onto the page, nothing happens. You feel your shoulders slump and consider packing it up for the day. Wait! As humans—and especially as writers—we love to blow the creative process up. We love to try and set limits on it, to will ourselves to be creative at the flick of a switch, and to urge ourselves on to JUST GET GOING. Yet the creative process shouldn't be this hard. It doesn't have to be. I hate seeing writers this way, so I've created a quick 5-minute to help you start within minutes. Really, one step is all it takes.