Billie Dale

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Birthday Witch Billie Dale

Be careful what you wish for. Birthdays come and go, and once you reach a certain age, they lose their luster, but I’m is about to find out just how unique my 40th birthday is. A Goddess, a vampire, an alien and a steaming alpha male walk in the room..sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but this is what strolled in on my birthday. Alternate realms, magic power and topping that hill of 40 makes for one messed up situation. I, Shayden Reigh, armed with a smart mouth, sassy wit, a cocky cat and no clue what in h-e-double hockey sticks I’m doing, prepare to fight. Chosen by the Gods with new magic and an ego-driven hot guardian named Luke, only I can tip the scale to victory. No pressure there, right? The time has come. The Queen is chosen.