Robert Jones

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The Black Witch Robert Jones

The Black Witch has returned and she is whispering for Isolde... Isolde dreams of heroic deeds and yearns to live the life of a shield-maiden. However, in the sleepy town of Eyndale, those dreams may as well be dead. She envies the stories of her long-deceased mother and wishes that her father might see her for the grown woman she has become. When the wanderer Skaldi turns up at her doorstep, he brings horrific news. The animals have been rotting in the fields and the barbaric armies of Ravenscar are flooding down from the north. Something dark is being whispered on the wind. It hisses and laughs as it seeps down through the ancient forest. The Black Witch has returned and she is calling out to Isolde. With no other choice, Isolde must put her trust into the mysterious Skaldi and...