Alice Blake

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Seduced by the Minx: Dad's Best Friend Alice Blake

After breaking up with my wife, it seems like a great idea to go the Cooke residence. My best friend Roger is just the man I need to see. Play some cards, drink some beers, unwind. What I don’t expect is to see little Samantha Cooke, the daughter, all grown up. Now eighteen years old, she’s a minx if I’ve ever seen one. The sexiest minx I’ve ever seen. But I can’t let myself think like that. I try to ignore my feelings for her, but it’s hard. And it’s made even harder when she starts to seduce me. I have to fight my desires, I can’t betray my friend. And she’s less than half my age! But the longer I stay, the harder it gets. She’s pulling out all the stops. Sexy outfits, pouty looks, wiggling her bum. But I have to be the mature one, don't I?