James T Kelly

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The Fey Man James T Kelly

A legendary blade. An army led by enslaved dragons. A quest to Faerie. "Powerful" - Brian Sibley Thomas Rymour is the prophet who cannot lie. Once a captive of the immortal fay, he became infatuated with their queen. Now returned to the mortal realms and haunted by a solitary, exiled fay, he is obsessed with returning to her. But war brews in the west. The Western elfs march with magically-enslaved dragons under their thrall. The Eastern elfs hunt for an ancient sword with the power to break the Western magics. A sword only the fay know how to find. An old friend brings the Easterners to Tom's door. They ask for his help. They ask for his loyalty. They ask him to free dragons and overthrow kings. But can Tom become the man they want him to be? Or are the magics of Faerie too strong to