Megan Marple

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A Tell-Tale Treasure Megan Marple

A hidden treasure, a talking bird, spooky ghosts, and a boy named Bigfoot - all just another day on the island for young Edie Allen! It's August and Edie's best friend is away at camp, leaving Edie in an end-of-summer misery that can only be cured by a jug of Nana's sweet tea, and some good old-fashioned mischief. With her talking pet raven, Poe, and a new kid in town named Bigfoot, she's on the hunt for a treasure that's sure to change their lives. Maybe then she can stick it to all the mean girls in school... Armed with her wits, a couple of shovels, and the map, Edie and Bigfoot try their best to uncover the clues hidden under the blazing Lowcountry sun. But trouble has a funny way of finding Edie, and the only thing that might save her from it is a friend of the ghost variety…