Steve M_author


Steve M escaped from the information prison of Mega Corp. He surfaces to share stories while avoiding recapture.

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The Mississippi Sativa Cooperative Steve M_author

What... ...if 4 people took cannabis growing to the next level. ...if it is more science than anything else? ...makes them successful? ...makes them dangerous? Mike, Charlie, Allen and Danny are the Mississippi Sativa Cooperative -- two botanists, an engineer, and a security specialist. They are not the first members of the cooperative and they hope to hell they are not the last. They operate the largest cannabis grow operation in the southern United States. This is their story. The Mississippi Sativa Cooperative is another is his series of good crime thrillers told from the other side. If you want normal, read something else.


Forced Entry Steve M_author

What is legal in Colorado will get you killed in Mississippi. 4 cannabis grow houses. 30 months. 8 million dollars. A refugee from a corporate plantation was in his 19th month and sailing safely toward the finish line. The kid was looking for a dry place to stay, away from the cops, away from the shit on the streets. Jackson, Mississippi is a toxic place. Been that way for a long time.