C.A. Hartman

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Daughters of Anarchy: Season 1 C.A. Hartman

Stevie can alter her appearance through genetic manipulation. Her job affords her considerable power. And she uses both to clean up her corrupt City, one evildoer at a time... as long as she doesn't get caught. If enjoy a good sci-fi thriller with a strong female protagonist and a hard dose of vigilante justice, you’ll love Daughters of Anarchy! **The DOA series does contain strong language as well as morally debatable plot developments.


The Refugee C.A. Hartman

She's an ambitious but bored geneticist. He's a brilliant but chilly alien. When he escapes his xenophobic planet and becomes the first Korvali to ever live among humans, the repercussions are far greater than anyone imagined. The first in a trilogy, The Refugee will appeal to those who love space opera, Star Trek, and classic science fiction!