Natalie G. Owens


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Natalie is a Harlequin's 'So You Think You Can Write' contest finalist and an Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award quarter-finalist. She has always had a thing for Gothic literature, pulse-pounding romances, and exciting stories steeped in mystery, adventure, intrigue, action and suspense. In her stories, fearless heroines and strong heroes find their way in a world sizzling with magic and danger.

Married to a real-life alpha hero, with whom she spawned a quick-witted teaser of a son, she loves quality time with her family and nurses an unquenchable thirst for reading, traveling, buying shoes, and exploring different ethnic restaurants.

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Woman in the Mist Natalie G. Owens

***A paranormal time travel romance mystery*** As sole heir to the 5-star Saint Lucia Hotel, Garrick Kaili 'Kai' Langston remains on Mauritius Island out of loyalty to his family. But this sprawling estate harbors some dark secrets. Unsolved mysteries that continue to haunt at least one of its oldest residents... On the same night in 1965, a man shot was to death and a young woman disappeared into thin air. A curse, or simple foul play? Some said Poppy Drummond's fate was to be swallowed by deadly mists near Maccabée Forest. Others claimed such notions were merely the meanderings of a crazy mind... The truth is never what it seems when the walls between fantasy and reality come crumbling down.