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Ewe helen allan

Is immunisation the new religion? If we question it are we immediately a heretic – stupid, a pariah, a threat? ‘I reflected that luckily stoning and crucifixion had temporarily gone out of style. My father would likely have put the first nail in. He was wholeheartedly in support of anything doctors ordered.’ A short story that follows the confusion and indecision of a new mother when considering vaccination and the anti-vax movement. A story that will leave you thinking, long after you finish reading. For more of this author’s work, details of new releases and free books. Follow Helen Allan at www.helenallan.com


Cassie's Coven The Case of the Six-legged frog helen allan

If you were a fan of Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, the famous five or secret seven – this is the book for your children. ‘When 10-year-old Cassie Delaware finds an old spell book and her best friend, Lolly, finds a six-legged frog they have no idea they are about to enter a magical world. Joining forces with two unlikely allies they must solve a mystery that has the potential to destroy their small town.’ The Cassie’s Coven series is based around four young Australian girls who discover that they have been left a magical heritage from their great-great grandmothers to become witches. They find out over the series that they are each a special kind of witch; black, white, green and yellow – each with their own powers and all aimed at protecting the natural world.


Lessons for Little Girls helen allan

A short story about the lessons we teach little girls, those we intended, and those they receive. A story that will keep you thinking long after you put it down.


My Mother's Hands helen allan

A short story about what it means to be a mother, understanding mother's love, what it means to be a daughter, and what happens when you lose your mother.


The Sea Tips helen allan

He came from the sea, unasked for, unexpected – but not for the first time. When a naked man washes ashore in a small village on an isolated coast he and a small boy will set off a chain of events that will change the lives of the superstitious and ignorant fisher folk who live there forever – but for some it will be too late.\ www.helenallan.com