Fred Venturini

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Detail Fred Venturini

A crime-scene cleaner falls for the wrong woman in this grisly thriller . . . Did you cheat on your wife in the back of your high-dollar SUV? Mason Ballard is the man who cleans away every hair, every stain, every trace of the event. Did you commit a crime in your family’s mini-van? Mason Ballard eradicates the evidence, thoroughly and without judgment. The only rules are that he only takes cash, and you come to him. He’s a man who sweats the details—he did when he was a cop, and now that he runs a specialty automobile cleaning business, every vehicle spills its secrets, telling him everything he wants to know about the owner and their sins. He removes those sins. For a price. When an innocent woman who made a mistake needs his help, he spirals into a love affair with her, and th