Pam Jernigan

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Whispers in the Dark (teaser chapters) Pam Jernigan

She’s a preschool teacher. He’s kind of a zombie. It would never work. Karen teaches post-apocalypse preschool, safe inside city walls. She never intended to get caught outside. Leo is technically alive, but perpetually zoned out: Mindless. He can see emotions as colors now, though, so at least there's that. Like the other Mindless, he feeds on the emotional energy of humans. Then he meets Karen – her unique energy jolts him partly awake, and he’s hooked. He protects her but when she’s rescued, he lands in a cage. Leo doesn’t expect her to even talk to him, much less help him. But that emotion she has when she looks at him? It’s not fear. Karen can go home – if she abandons Leo. Without her, he's dead. He saved her. Can she save him?