Taylor Marsh

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Diary of a Hollywood Hottie ...and Other Starlet Indignities Taylor Marsh

“BREAKING NEWS” screamed across the crawler on all cable channels. The trending hashtag on Twitter was #SaveOlivia Olivia Stark was the highest paid starlet in Hollywood. That was yesterday. She has just come through a harrowing event that could have been pulled straight from "Law & Order SVU." Introduced in Below the Beltway -- the Beltway Series now complete -- Olivia breaks out in this stand-alone psychological thriller. Olivia wants real power in Hollywood, not just the easy attention that comes with youth, beauty, and starlet billing. She takes the reader into her inner world through her personal diary. And get ready for Olivia's Turn, on pre-order at Amazon, publish date January 10, 2018.


Slave to Love and Romance - Discovering Alex Gantry Taylor Marsh

Alex Gantry is the heroine of my debut modern romance. When readers meet Alex Gantry in the first installment of “The Beltway Series,” she’s learning what happens when you take your eye off of what it is that you want. It’s a sobering lesson that propels Alex into making a life-altering decision to reclaim parts of her life that she’s ignored out of convenience. Below the Beltway, Book 1, is a thrill ride that ends in a cliffhanger. ...which will be unpacked in Beltway Betrayers, Book 2, out on May 13th. This eBook explains why I created the character of Alex Gantry as I did, and why I write romantic suspense for strong women.