Terry Heath

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Write an eBook in 14 Days Terry Heath

You're about to learn a writing secret so controversial your English teacher may have refused to tell you.

Many books claim you can write an ebook quickly, but this one actually shows you how. You'll learn a way to lay out what you have to say that makes writing an ebook as easy as connecting the dots.

Some English teachers refuse to teach this method. They mean well, but they’re leaving you to struggle needlessly.

The same technique you will learn could be used to write anything from a short article or blog post to a nonfiction book of any length.

You don't need a bunch of hype. This method works.

Write an eBook in 14 Days is the concise guide you need to get the nonfiction book idea out of your head and into print.



The Raven Queen Terry Heath

The first novel in a series that retells your favorite "happily ever afters" . . . all in one story.