John Mabry

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The Kingdom: A Berkeley Blackfriars Novel John Mabry

When a magickian uses dark magick to make every avocado in the world disappear, the Berkeley Blackfriars are called in to investigate. They’re not your standard-brand priests—they swear like longshoremen and aren’t above the occasional spliff or one-night stand. But if you’ve got a nasty demon on your ass, they’re exactly the guys you want in your corner. They soon discover the magickian was not working alone, and that avocados are not the only things targeted to disappear.... A thrill ride from beginning to end, THE KINGDOM combines the smart humor and horror of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with the religious iconoclasm of Garth Ennis’ "Preacher" comic book series. An utterly unique adventure, THE KINGDOM delivers fright, fun, and thought-provoking paradoxes at every turn.