Tim Adler

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Slow Bleed Tim Adler

A missing son A kidnapper who's dead Nobody believes her Nothing will stop her When Doctor Jemma Sands' five-year-old son goes missing, only she believes that a vengeful patient has stolen her child. How do you convince police to search for a dead woman? As her world falls apart, Jemma realises she is the only one who can save her son. If somebody took your only child, how far would you go to get him back? What the critics say about SLOW BLEED: 'A tense and gripping crime read ... Slow Bleed grabs you by the throat' - Raven Crime Reads 'One of those books you can't put down ... a great medical thriller' - Book of the Month, Crime Book Club What the critics say about Tim Adler: 'Compulsively readable' - Sunday Times Culture ***** The Daily Telegraph