H. D. Thomson

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Duplicity: Another Day Another Dollar - Episode 1 - A Tale of Murder, Mystery and Romance (Smoke and Mirrors Series - Book 2) H. D. Thomson

Episode one of six. Multi award-winning series. He wakes up from a car accident with a dead man beside him and a duffle bag in the back seat with over one hundred thousand dollars in cash and a loaded gun. He has no memory of his past or how he got there. His only clues are a photo with the address of a shelter and a driver’s license. They lead him to Boston, but once there, he’s left with more questions and a sense of eminent danger. But nothing prepares him for the phenomena he finds within himself. He’s left to wonder just who or what is he?


Deadly Shades H. D. Thomson

A short, romantic suspense with an otherworldly twist. Two-time Romance Writer's of America Golden Heart Finalist Author. Kennedy Sinclair is given a pair of simple sunglasses. Or so she thinks. Within twenty-four hours, she discovers they are far from simple or normal. The lenses open a door to the dark side of her personality and a serial killer, who turns his focus on her. Can she outwit, outrun a murderer? And if she survives the night, does she have the strength to become the person destiny has created for her?