Elizaveta Katrinova

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Masha's Choice Elizaveta Katrinova

“What does Zhenya know? He thinks he’s so important now that he’s a major in the Air Force. Well, I’m a grown woman now. I can do as I please,” Masha fumed to herself as she stormed to her room. Choosing the bad boy lover over the security of her brother’s home, Masha runs away. Now suppressed under the abusive hand of her lover, Boris, a guy her brother warned her about, Masha has a fight of her own and a heavy decision to make. Should she tough it out or flee to the man who really loves her and may be the father of her child? Or is returning to her brother’s home the best option? In the wake of the decision, will she and her unborn baby be able to survive Boris’ brutality? A short story based on the Dying to Love series. Includes an excerpt from Moscow Express—Dying to Love book one.