michelle Connor

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The Deceived - Sample michelle Connor

A heart rendering installment to a new fantasy trilogy, perfect for adults or teens. Sadness looms in the passageways of the mountains after Herveus was stabbed in battle. But while they should feel safe, an enemy resides within their safe haven. With deceit stalking their new lives, will they catch the culprit in time? As the king's men advance ever closer, Aveline must learn to become the warrior her people need. Will she be ready in time for the battle which is to come? In book two of the Hers To Save series, we get more insight into old characters and are introduced to some new ones. With emotions on every page, the growing friendship between young Bramwell and our favourite dragon, Aeolius brings a touch of light in the darkness.


The Bound Novella - Sample michelle Connor

A captivating new serial fantasy trilogy, perfect for adults or teens. Aveline, just sixteen, lives in a world that holds no kindness. She can remember a time when her father hadn't been so cruel. One day she hopes to be free to leave the darkness behind her. Little does she know, but that day is here. During her escape into the night time forest, she meets Aeolius. A creature she has only encountered in books before now and she believed a myth. More than twice her height and covered in silver scales. Is he only a figment of her imagination? Dream or nightmare, misery and pain, love or friendship, turn the page, the saga has begun.