L. A. Jacob

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The Joint (A Grimaulkin Story) L. A. Jacob

In prison, the old teach the young … and sometimes the other way around. A young boy, new to magic prison, asks James, a veteran of the place, for help. If James helps him, James could fall prey to the Satanists. If he doesn’t, he will certainly hurt his own heart.


Custer's First Stand (A War Mage Story) L. A. Jacob

When Brent Rogers graduated from the Mage’s Academy in Fort Bragg, he was immediately stationed where he was absolutely needed. Afghanistan. On his first mission with his new team, he expects to bring fire and brimstone to the enemy. Instead, he has to save the lives of a Marine and his K9. Also Included: A Special Preview of "War Mage" Brent returns to his post in Afghanistan after being on leave. Taking place a couple of months after returning home, he goes with his old fireteam on a mission. Returning there, Brent finds out that the creatures of his nightmares actually do exist.


Self Defense (A Grimaulkin Story) L. A. Jacob

Never tick off a Magician. When Michael LeBonte is outed by a classmate, all the bullies seem to come out of the woodwork to take a crack at him. But Mike has plans to punish them all. Every. Single. One. There's just one catch: It involves summoning a demon from Hell.