Aidan J. Reid

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Crystal Clear - A Sci-Fi Short Story Aidan J. Reid

A mysterious ancient artifact washes up on the beach of a small coastal town. For one man, the discovery is about to radically change his life for the better. But for those around him, it leaves a trail of unimaginable destruction.


Pathfinders - A Sci-Fi/Paranormal Thriller Aidan J. Reid

Norman Adams’ life changes in an instant when he experiences his first lucid dream. The watershed moment reveals an alternate world of consciousness which compels the young man to explore the boundaries of reality. He meets an eccentric librarian, Stephen Breagal, whose interest in the topic seems to know no limits. Soon however, the dream turns into a nightmare when Norman is involved in an accident sending him into a coma. Under the apprenticeship of Breagal, loyal but sceptical friend Victor James volunteers to use the librarian’s pioneering techniques to enter Norman’s dream state and finds the horror trapping him there. The race is on to rescue their friend as together they search the deepest, darkest recesses of the mind - a place where nightmares are born.


Sigil - A Cozy Mystery Thriller Aidan J. Reid

The sleepy Irish village of Ballygorm is shocked one bright summer morning by the tragic news that one of their own, a successful young builder and devoted family man has been found dead, hanging in an apparent suicide. But Parish Priest, Father Tom Regan is sceptical. Inspired by his TV detective hero, Fr Regan uses his twin role as confessional confidante and the village’s religious figurehead to investigate the mysterious death and he suspects foul play. Piecing the clues together, he finds that his outwardly pious and tight-knit community has been harbouring a murderer in a village where everyone is a suspect.