Vicki-Ann Bush


Miss Bush is originally from Long Island, New York. Now residing in Las Vegas, Nevada, the desert has given her inspiration for several books.

Salt of the Earth Publishing was the first to publish her childrens book, Winslow Willow the
Woodland Fairy. Followed by The Queen of It, a chapter book for ages six to ten. After settling into Young Adult fiction, her first release was the novella series,The Dusk Chronicles. A time-travel romance set in Las Vegas.

Currently from Solstice Publishing, Miss Bush has several titles including the historical romance novel, The Garden of Two about the perils of World War I through the eyes of young lovers in Long Island, NY. A paranormal romance novella series The Fulfillment, which is centered in Boulder City, Nevada and Procurement, the second book in The Fulfillment series. Also featured in the collection is Room 629, a sci-fi. Taking place in Primm Nevada, it follows a group of friends as they uncover a life altering truth to everyone on the planet. And the short YA paranormal horror, The Joshua Tree.

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Surviving Vicki-Ann Bush

An alien race has taken over the planet and are using earth for all it's natural resources. All of the children have been taken, and all the adults, with the exception of a handful of scientists, are being used as manual labor. Agatha, a teenage girl, is different than the other children. Forced to undergo excruciating tests, she fights to survive.