Shana Gorian


Shana Gorian is the author of the Rosco the Rascal series, chapter books for kids 6+ in which a sometimes rascally German shepherd uses his steadfast heroic nature to help his human brother and sister pals find adventure and overcome obstacles.

Shana grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and lives in Southern California with her husband, two children, and the 'real' Rosco the Rascal - her fun-loving German shepherd who constantly inspires new stories.

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Rosco the Rascal Goes to Camp Shana Gorian

Ten-year-old James and his seven-year-old sister, Mandy, are off to summer camp with their loyal German shepherd, Rosco. While Mandy struggles with homesickness, James’ week is threatened by a prank-playing bunk mate’s antics. But during an unexpected thunderstorm in a game of capture-the-flag, the prankster finds himself lost and alone deep inside the forest. Rosco must play the hero and save the boy but not before he and James teach him a hard-earned lesson about friendship. Wholesome, adventurous, outdoor fun, this Rosco the Rascal tale brings the magic of summer camp to life. Recommended for ages 6-10 *Grade level K-5th *138 pages Fans of The Magic Tree House series will love this brother and sister pair, and fans of classic, heroic dogs - from Lassie to Beethoven - will love Rosco.