SB James


SB JAMES started penning short stories while still in seventh grade. As she grew up, the stories grew longer, more detailed, and far richer. Before long, she developed the ability to create universes. Now she hopes to use her powers for the greater good. THE INVENTOR'S SON Series are among her first published works, as well as her first adventures into the Steampunk genre. The combination of history, fantasy and science fiction continue to intrigue her and spur her imagination. She lives in Florida after growing up on the Jersey Shore.

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The Inventor's Son SB James

“My dear son Ethan, Please forgive me. I tried to stop your uncle. But he is seized with madness. He wishes to use my helicopter design. To drop explosives upon London and other targets in the future… He has another inventor helping him. He was one of my professors at Cambridge. He is even madder than my brother. He has melded mechanical parts onto humans. He is no doubt sending one of those ‘Superior Soldiers’ after me at this moment. I can only try to lead him away from you…" And with those words, Ethan’s quiet world is turned to mayhem. Because, unfortunately, the Superior Soldier never pursued the inventor. He arrives at Ethan’s doorstep instead!