Sarah Biglow


Sarah is the author of cozy mysteries, women's fiction and urban fantasy for adults and young adults. She lives in Massachusetts with her husband. She is a licensed attorney and spends her days combating employment discrimination as an Investigator with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination.

She is a self-professed TV junkie and in her spare time (what’s that?), she runs a TV recap blog with her best friend (and sorority sister), Jen. Sarah currently enjoys an array of TV shows including (but definitely not limited to) This Is Us, Once Upon a Time, Blindspot, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Grimm, The Flash and Arrow. She is always on the hunt for new shows to binge!

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Unplanned Sarah Biglow

Shannon Atwater battles feelings of inequality in her marriage when her husband tells her she’ll have to be the primary caregiver for baby number four. Faced with the choice of whether or not to terminate one of their twins in order to have a healthy pregnancy, Lisbeth Marquez and her partner clash over why they’re creating a family in the first place and Lisbeth fears her parents will never accept she’s married to a woman. Abandoned by her boyfriend, Renee Blackwell faces the difficult road of single parenthood. Party girl Erika Lind worries her lifestyle has affected her unborn baby. She joins AA and finds herself torn between her handsome sponsor and her ex-boyfriend who re-enters her life. Together, they'll form bonds that will last long after birth.


Muse Song Sarah Biglow

Fifteen-year-old Abbie Rollands doesn’t remember her past lives as the Greek Muse Euterpe. That doesn’t stop her classmates from reciting poetry whenever she’s around or keep her from losing her mind when it happens. The only person unaffected is her almost boyfriend, Liam Sullivan-Gray. Liam--the son of Hades--sees the auras of the Greek Muses like Abbie. He fears telling her the truth would jeopardize their burgeoning romantic relationship. Driven by guilt when she is kidnapped by his stepmother, Persephone, Liam embarks on a rescue mission to save Abbie with or without the help of the gods. In captivity, Abbie discovers the truth about her abilities and Hades' plan to use Liam as a guinea pig. Now, Abbie must escape and stop Hades' plan before she loses the boy she loves.